"Validation of targets identified through Artificial Intelligence"


Download the application note on validation of targets identified through AI


AI holds great potential for target identification and assessment of the effects of new or existing compounds. Ncardia has the expertise to validate AI-generated predictions and to evaluate preclinical proof-of-efficacy and -safety, based on hiPSC technology. You can trust us to maximize your project’s physiological relevance and value, and to help mitigate attrition risks when progressing along the drug discovery and development pipeline.

After identifying potential targets in silico, they need to be validated in physiologically relevant in vitro models. hiPSC-derived models are highly suitable for target validation, as they can provide scalable and predictive solutions to assess compound efficacy and safety at high throughput. In this application note, we describe how we work together with AI companies in target validation, using hiPSC technology.

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