Drug Discovery: Cardiac Disease

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. Despite the advancements in treatments, new therapeutic modalities are still needed in this field. Some of the reasons hampering the development of new drugs are the complex onset of cardiovascular diseases and the poor translation of pre-clinical results into clinical reality.

Ncardia has more than 10 years of experience and is highly specialized in the manufacturing of human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derived cardiac cell types and the development of in vitro cardiac disease models. Our human iPSC-based solutions are physiologically relevant and enable reproducible high-throughput efficacy and safety screenings with highly translational results.

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Human based in vitro screenings bring better predictions

Drug discovery and development processes for cardiovascular diseases are long and costly and the attrition rate is relatively high, compared to other therapeutic areas. This is partially due to the low predictability of traditional preclinical models and the significant difference in treatment responses among patients. Additionally, patients with the same genetic mutation manifest diverse severities, which further complicates target identification.

Human iPSC-derived cardiac cells bring a new solution to better model cardiac diseases and revolutionize drug discovery. These in vitro models are based on human biology which enable identifying the right target and right hit compounds early in the drug discovery process, decreasing the costs and lead time and, ultimately, enhancing the success rate of clinical trials.

Advantages of human iPSC-based cardiac disease models

Advantages of human iPSC-based cardiac disease models

  • Compound screening on true human biology
  • Minimized variability through isogenic controls and large-scale manufacturing
  • Clinically relevant readouts to increase predictability
  • Identification of the most promising drug candidates earlier in the process
  • Shorter time-to-market

A model of cardiac hypertrophy for drug efficacy screening

How could cardiac drug discovery practically benefit from human iPSC technology? Download this case study to read how we generated a model of cardiac hypertrophy with human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes and used it to perform a high throughput efficacy screening with hit identification and validation:


Custom human iPSC-derived cardiac disease models

Cardiac disease models based on iPSC technology recapitulate the disease-phenotypes of your interest. Our scientists have established manufacturing processes for multiple cardiac cells derived from our own proprietary iPSC lines. You can also choose to provide your own iPSC lines or have us assist you in sourcing the perfect line for your project. Our scientific team will efficiently develop a custom cell model for you, through patient-derived cells, environmental induction or genome editing.

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Large-scale manufacturing and differentiation

Minimize the variables during your screening campaigns with our large-scale manufacturing solutions, which enable using the same batch of cells from beginning to end. Our scientists have established high-quality and reproducible differentiation procedures for a wide range of cardiac cell types and have the expertise to efficiently develop new protocols for other cell lines, if needed.

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High-throughput screenings with high predictability

Your screening results will be reproducible and translational using our phenotypic assays based on relevant cellular biomarkers and functions. Our scientists understand your project’s goals to develop the optimal phenotypic screening(s) and select readouts that are closest to the clinical end point, which decreases your number of assumptions and better translates to the drug safety and efficacy in patients.

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Cardiac Models

Human iPSC-derived cardiac cell models

These are our most established human iPSC-derived cardiac cell models and can develop custom models on-demand. Our differentiation procedures are robust and ready to scale up. If your cell type of interest is not listed here, or you need a custom disease model, please contact us. Our scientific team is constantly developing new models.

  • Fully functional custom models
  • Available in constant supply
  • Reproducible results


Cardiac safety and efficacy assays

At every stage of your drug discovery project a reliable assay is the key to success. Our scientists expert in cardiac diseases will develop custom assays to capture the cellular functions or biomarkers of your interest and process the results for you, to take your project to the next step.

  • Recapitulate disease-specific phenotypes
  • Clinically relevant readouts
  • High-throughput