Assistant / Associate Scientist

Leiden, The Netherlands

03 June, 2022

Ncardia is an established, globally operating, stem cell-based drug discovery & cell therapy company. At Ncardia, we believe that stem technology will help get better therapies to patients faster. The company is a supportive and trusted partner for scientists operating within the human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC) drug discovery and cell therapy fields, particularly in the cardiovascular and neurology space.

Ncardia develops, produces, and commercializes hiPSC-based solutions. Our offerings range from concept development to pre-clinical studies, including custom manufacturing of a range of cell types, as well as services such as disease modelling, screening, and safety assays to support clients in the drug discovery process.

We are an enthusiastic, skilled, and committed international team in which everyone has the opportunity to make a decisive contribution. Within our team in Leiden (The Netherlands) there is a position immediately for an Assistant (or Associate) Scientist.

Our internal culture statement promotes Ncardia as an ambitious company expecting from its employees a positive attitude, transparent behavior, respectful communication, with integrity as the most important value.

Job description

As an Assistant/Associate Scientist you will be involved in the development and application of iPSC derived disease models to aid our clients in their drug discovery process. Activities will include the development of novel iPSC iPSC differentiation processes, characterization of iPSC-derived cells and their use in complex cell-based assays for drug screening.


  • Perform differentiation of various iPSC-derived cell types and use them to develop, optimize, validate and perform cell-based assays
  • Assess effects of putative therapeutics (small molecules, antibodies, siRNA/shRNA, antisense oligonucleotides, AAV) and analyze obtained data independently
  • Support the development of new processes for manufacture of new iPSC-derived cell types, at scale
  • Collect, record and report data accurately following standard operation procedures
  • Communicate routinely with team members to facilitate discussion on progress as well as possible challenges and opportunities


  • BSc/MSc or equivalent working and thinking level in (applied) biological science or related field with optional experience in cardiovascular and/or neuronal cell biology
  • Experience in a Life Sciences/Biotech company or CRO
  • You can work independently requiring only content-specific coaching on new assignments
  • Excellent reporting and documentation skills, affinity with data analyses and data presentation
  • Able to work in a highly dynamic team environment within time- and budget constraints as dictated by the project leader
  • Experience with complex in vitro biology, such as stem cells and 3D/organoid culturing is preferred
  • Familiarity with the following techniques: aseptic in vitro cell culture, cell-based assays, tissue engineering and organoid formation, flow cytometry, high-content imaging, luminescence/fluorescence/absorbance assays, metabolic assays, electrophysiology, calcium-imaging, laboratory automation

Other requirements

  • Highly motivated, proactive, accurate, and committed team-player
  • We expect commitment and flexibility as well as reliability and open mindset
  • Quality awareness
  • Understanding of good documentation practices
  • Responsible and result oriented
  • Good writing and oral communication skills in English
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule when weekend work is required
  • Affinity with quality systems is a plus

Job location

Leiden, the Netherlands

Position type


Start date


We offer a challenging position in a dynamic biotech company with room for personal growth and development. Depending on your education and experience, we provide an appropriate salary.


Send your motivation letter with curriculum vitae: careers@ncardia.com

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