Bringing better therapies to patients faster through stem cell technology

About Ncardia

Ncardia is a human iPSC technology company. We operate worldwide with facilities, offices and staff throughout Europe and North America. Ncardia is built on the belief that stem cell technology will help bring better therapies to patients faster. Our goal is to enable biopharmaceutical companies in drug discovery and cell therapy to better integrate human iPSC technologies in their development process.

Our cell model portfolio includes hiPSC-derived cardiovascular, neural and immune cells. Building on this expertise, Ncardia provides a comprehensive menu of cardiovascular and neuronal services for drug discovery - from disease modeling to drug efficacy screening and cardiac safety assessment. For cell therapy developers, we partner to innovate iPSC-derived advanced therapies.

Our history

Ncardia was formed in August 2017 following an acquisition by Pluriomics. Pluriomics was founded in 2011 by Stefan Braam and Herman Spolders, together with the scientific founders Prof. Dr. Mummery and Prof. Dr. Passier.

Ncardia is a leader in contract research, development and manufacture of human induced pluripotent stem cell-based solutions. Our capabilities include disease modeling, assay development, large-scale iPSC manufacturing, and iPSC-based screening. Ncardia is a dedicated team of iPSC experts that uses our industry knowledge and experience to develop and deliver innovative stem cell-based solutions to drug discovery and cell therapy.


Ncardia has attracted a leadership team of international experts in the areas of commercialization, pharma services, finance, stem cell R&D and manufacturing.

  • Stefan Braam – Chief Executive Officer & Chief Scientific Officer
  • Johan te Koppele - Chief Operational Officer
  • Andy Holt - Chief Commercial Officer
  • Christian van Tellingen - Chief Financial Officer

Board of Directors

  • Geoffrey Glass
  • Stefan Braam
  • Jason Conner
  • Alain Parthoens
  • Nick O'Leary
  • Denis Bedoret
  • Christina Franssen


Ncardia is a privately held Belgium-based company with subsidiaries in the Netherlands and the USA. The investor base of the company includes both public and private funds including Kiniciti, Vesalius Biocapital, SFPI-FPIM, SambrInvest, InnovationQuarter, S.R.I.W, Sino-German beta Holding Co. Ltd and founders.