Drug Discovery Solutions

Current drug development strategies can be costly and too often experience high attrition rates in later stages of Drug Development. Predictive preclinical models and assays for efficacy and safety testing could help address these challenges. Ncardia combines Cardiovascular and Neural cell expertise with commercial iPSC manufacturing experience to provide predictive and translational assays at any throughput.

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Human iPSC knowledge, IP and infrastructure

Integrated Drug Discovery

Our end-to-end hiPSC-derived drug discovery service platform

Efficacy of compound libraries are assayed and screened on your specific disease model. This comprehensive service is comprised of four integrated modules; disease modeling, manufacturing, assay development and high throughput phenotypic screening.

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Drug Discovery Assays

Successful drug discovery studies require robust efficacy and safety assays to establish compound effects throughout the drug discovery funnel.

Ncardia applies human iPSC technologies within a menu of qualified assays to support your drug discovery activities.

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Safety Services

Ncardia develops and delivers state of the art integrated cardiovascular services to enhance the assessment of cardiac safety and toxicity of drug candidates.

Our services are based on fully functional and validated hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes that are manufactured under strict quality assurance.

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Project process

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1. Initial inquiry

Initial inquiry through the website, email or business development representative.

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2. Consultation

Consultation with our cross-functional Ncardia team to discuss your request, understand your needs and set expectations correctly.

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3. Expert team

Assignment of Lead Scientist, Project Manager and expert team to manage your custom request.

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4. Project plan

For custom projects we will draft a detailed project plan including clear timelines and milestones.

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5. Finetuning

The project plan is reviewed by you and finalized including your final input and a payment structure.

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6. Execution

Execution of the project with regular interaction with you.

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7. Delivery

A final report will be created and presented. At this stage there should be no surprises.

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8. Feedback

We would love to hear your feedback and discuss your next project.