Neurodegenerative disease research

Neurodegenerative diseases are one of the major disease types worldwide and the leading cause of disability in the elderly. Although neurodegenerative disease research has been accelerated in the past years, it remains one of the most complex disease areas. In the search of potential therapies, there is a clear need to increase our understanding of causes and mechanisms leading to brain dysfunction and neurodegenerative disease.

Ncardia has over 10 years of experience in neural drug discovery research, based on hiPSC-derived disease models. We have the expertise to generate and co-culture a range of neural cell types, creating representative disease models to deliver a more physiologically relevant solution, compared to animal models. Our team of specialized CNS scientists understands your challenges in neurodegenerative disease drug discovery and development. Through our integrated drug discovery platform, we cover all aspects from target identification to pre-clinical development.

Neurodegenerative Disease Modeling

Capabilities for neurodegenerative disease modeling in vitro

One of the reasons that neurodegenerative disease research has evolved slowly, is the lack of access to physiologically relevant cell models. iPSC technology, combined with gene editing technologies, can now be used to model diseases from healthy donors or patients.

Ncardia has the ability to develop several unique neurodegenerative disease models. We can either adapt our available models, or work together with you to develop new in vitro models, specified to your drug discovery research. We utilize a variety of in-house disease modeling capabilities including chemical induction of disease phenotypes and physiologically relevant co-cultures to mimic human biology.

Ncardia offers you a complete solution for the development of in vitro neurodegenerative disease models, based on cell sourcing from healthy donors or patients, iPSC generation, genetic modification, differentiation to the desired cell type, and co-culturing. Our service includes the required model validation steps and screening campaigns.

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We developed a Parkinson’s disease model with our Ncyte CNS cells, to enable assessment of alpha-synuclein pre-formed fibril-induced toxicity and phenotype rescue.

Neurodegenerative disease assay development and screening

Utilize our extensive range of physiologically relevant iPSC-based phenotypic assays to move your neurodegenerative disease drug discovery research from preclinical to clinical studies. We help you develop and execute the right assays to assess the following neurodenerative disease phenotypes:

Cell Models

hiPSC-derived neural cell models

Ncardia has developed a range of hiPSC-derived cell models, available in constant supply to provide highly reproducible results for your research. Our neural cell types can be cultured using the same medium and supplement, to ensure an easy co-culturing process. The following cell models are available: