A success story of the European Commission: the InForMed project leads Medical Device Innovation

27 March, 2018

Stem cell technology innovator, Ncardia, plays part in Medical Device Innovation

27th March 2018 – In order to keep up with the ever-evolving medical device landscape that has over the last decade moved from large expensive machines to small, disposable solutions, the EU and leading biotech industry partners have created the InForMed project. InForMed provides the necessary resources for any great ideas to get them off the ground quickly. Resources, including microelectronic and micromechanical assembly factories at Philips Innovation Services in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, will lead to greater innovation speed. Other partners, like Ncardia, provide and validate the biology for these systems.

Informing and Advancing the Field of Electrophysiology

One of the major road blocks for new drug development is drug-induced cardiac ion channel activity which leads to potential arrhythmias and even cardiac arrest. Partners of InForMed such as Ncardia are changing the field of cardiac pro-arrhythymia risk assessment by creating more physiological, predictive platforms for detecting these life-threatening risk earlier in drug discovery. Ncardia is proud to provide human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes for development of these next-generation devices including CytoCentrics CytoStretch, a stretchable multi-electrode array capable of mimicking the contractile forces seen in vivo within cardiac tissues. Ncardia is excited to be a part of this new wave of highly physiological and predictive biotechnologies including organ-on-a-chip platforms that finally provide scientists with extraordinary ideas to test their hypotheses in an in vitro setting without the need of expensive, controversial and non-translatable animal models.

The InForMed project was recently marked as a success story by the European Commission. Read more here: InForMed EU Ncardia