Astro.4U® Kit

Astro.4U® are human iPSC- derived astrocytes supporting neuroscience research and drug discovery. The kit contains 1 vial of cryopreserved, human iPSC-derived Astro.4U® astrocytes (≥ 2 million cells), Neuro.4U® Basal Medium A (250 ml) and 2 vials Neuro-Supplement 2 (1.25 ml).


Product Information

Astrocytes are the most abundant cell type in the central nervous system. Traditionally described, they act as supporting elements for neurons. Recently, astrocytes have gained more recognition as essential players for information processing in the brain as well as other various roles including neuronal homeostasis and synaptic plasticity. Additionally, increasing data support the critical role of astrocytes in disease progression, including neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Current astrocyte models (i.e., primary or animal-derived) have many limitations regarding translatability, reproducibility and availability. Human iPSC-derived astrocytes provide a valuable tool to challenge the neuron-centric view of neurological disorders and study the role of astrocytes for drug discovery and disease modeling purposes.

Product Data

Product Specifications

Astro.4U® Astrocytes are a well-characterized, proven model in co-culture systems with either Ncardia neuronal products or other human neurons. Using immunofluorescence staining, Astro.4U® have high expression of GFAP and S100b. They respond strongly to the neurotoxin b-Amyloid oligomers (AbO) not by cytoxicity but increase inflammatory responses including the secretion of IL-1b and TNFa as expected suggesting their usefulness in inflammatory models. They respond within physiological levels to the neurotransmitters acetylcholine, histamine and ATP as shown with extensive FLIPR studies. In co-culture with neurons, Astro.4U® change their morphology that is a typical behavior observed in primary astrocytes. Astro.4U® show strong supportive function for human iPSC-derived neurons in co-culture allowing for long-term studies and more physiological disease modeling.


Catalog number

Ax-B-HA-2M Kit

Production Technology

Scalable; large lot sizes with minimal batch to batch variation guaranteed by an extensive quality control


>95% astrocytes


Primary-like star-shaped

Assay window

Day 7 to 21 post-thaw

Inflammatory responses

IL-1b and TNFa secretion in the presence of b-Amyloid oligomers (AbO). NF-Kb translocation from cytosol to nucleus upon treatment with CCM, a neuro-inflammatory compound.

Neuron Support

In co-culture with neurons, Astro.4U® change their morphology, a typical behavior observed in primary astrocytes.

Recommended Storage

Astro.4U® astrocytes: liquid nitrogen

Neuro.4U® Basal Medium A: 4°C

Astro.4U® Supplement: -80°C