CNS.4U® Kit

CNS.4U® is a physiological in vitro co-culture model of neurons and astrocytes for a range of drug development, neurotoxicity and disease modeling applications. The kit contains 1 vial of cryopreserved, human iPSC-derived CNS.4U® neurons and astrocytes (≥ 2 million cells), Neuro.4U Basal Medium (250 mL) and two vials of CNS.4U Supplement (1.25 mL).


Product Information

CNS.4U is comprised of two key cell types of the human central nervous system (CNS): neurons (glutamatergic, GABAergic and dopaminergic) and astrocytes. The cells are simultaneously generated from neural precursor cells and recapitulate the interplay between excitatory and inhibitory neurons. Their rapid formation of neuronal networks, prolonged viability in culture, and robust manufacture provides significant advantageous compared to primary cells and animal models for neuroscience-related applications. CNS.4U is an ideal tool for early and late drug discovery for neurodegenerative disease and epilepsy, in vitro neurotoxicity assays, and disease modeling, through electrophysiological, metabolic and imaging-based assays.

Product Data

Product Specifications

CNS.4U® Neural Cells are a heterogeneous group of neuronal and glial cells. CNS.4U® is able to recapitulate the interplay of excitatory and inhibitory neurons in vitro. In MEA recordings, CNS.4U® neurons show robust spontaneous and burst-like neuronal activity after 10 days in cultivation. We consistently observe calcium oscillations (FDSS µCell) and network burst activity (MEA) in CNS.4U® cultures at week 4 – 4.5.


Catalog number


Production Technology

Scalable; large lot sizes with minimal batch to batch variability guaranteed by an extensive quality control of identity (immunostaining) and functionality (MEA analysis)


Heterogeneous cultures


Post-mitotic neural phenotype

Assay window

Neuronal spike activity (MEA) after day 10; Calcium oscillations (FDSS µCell) and network burst activity (MEA) at week 4


Robust spontaneous and burst-like neuronal activity of CNS.4U® neurons present in MEA recordings. Neuronal network formation indicated by calcium oscillations and network burst activity established in cultivation week 4.

Recommended Storage

CNS.4U® Cells: liquid nitrogen

Neuro.4U® Basal Medium A: 4°C

CNS.4U® Supplement: -80°C