Ncyte Astrocyte Kit II

Recently, astrocytes have been gaining recognition as essential players for information processing in the brain as well as other various roles, including neuronal homeostasis and synaptic plasticity. Additionally, increasing data support the role of astrocytes in disease progression, including neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Human iPSC-derived astrocytes provide a valuable tool for drug discovery and disease modeling purposes. This 2nd generation of the Ncyte Astrocyte Kit is created to increase the astrocytes’ performance in 2 key applications: co-culturing with hiPSC-derived neurons and display of neuro-inflammatory phenotypes. The astrocytes are derived from the same donor as for the Ncyte Astrocyte Kit I, plus their key identity markers remain unchanged.

Product description

Ncyte Astrocytes display the characteristic star-shaped morphology of astrocytes in culture. They display a high percentage of GFAP-, S100ß- and AQP4-positive cells indicating a homogeneous and mature population. They show supportive function for human iPSC-derived neurons in co-culture enabling long-term studies and more physiological disease modeling. The Ncyte Astrocyte Kit II contains cryopreserved, human iPSC-derived astrocytes, medium and supplement.

We use our Ncyte Astrocyte Kit II in drug discovery research for neurodegenerative diseases. Learn how you can leverage our experience for your project: https://www.ncardia.com/neurodegenerative-diseases/

Product specifications

Catalog number


Kit contents

2M cryopreserved Ncyte Astrocyte cells

250 mL Ncyte Neuronal Basal Medium (Cat. #: Nc-M-NBM)

2 vials of 1.25 mL Ncyte Neuronal Supplement (Cat. #: Nc-MS-NNS)

Key biomarkers

GFAP, S100b, and AQP4

Assay window

Day 7 to 21 post-thaw

Recommended storage

Ncyte Astrocyte cells: liquid nitrogen

Ncyte Neuronal Basal Medium: 4°C

Ncyte Neuronal Supplement: -80°C


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