Ncyte CardioPlate MEA 96

End the struggle of analyzing electrophysiology data when assessing drug effects in hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes. The Ncyte CardioPlate is a 96-well plate that arrives pre-plated with differentiated Ncyte cardiomyocytes and Cardiomyocyte Culture Medium, ready to detect extra-cellular field potentials by multi-electrode array (MEA) technology on the Maestro™ MEA system.

After medium refreshment, you can start performing your assays directly the next day. The pronounced depolarization and repolarization peaks, low inter- and intrawell beat rate variation, and maximal electrode coverage translate into easier data analysis, less hands-on time, reduced risk of plate failures and labor cost savings.

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Product description

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1 x CytoView MEA 96 plate containing human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes

1 x 250 mL Cardiomyocyte Culture Medium (Cat. #: Nc-M-CMCM-250)

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Storage conditions

Ncyte CardioPlate™: Incubator 37°C, 95% humidity, 5% CO2

Cardiomyocyte Culture Medium: 4°C




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