Ncyte Cortical Neuron Kit

Cortical neurons are part of the central nervous system, where they form networks responsible for associative and cognitive functions. They play a vital role in many neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease. Ncyte cortical neurons can be used separately for experiments, or in co-culture with hiPSC-derived astrocytes to recapitulate aspects of in vivo cortical development.

The Ncyte Cortical Neuron Kit is highly suitable for early and late drug discovery for neurodegenerative disease, in vitro neurotoxicity assays and disease modeling through electrophysiological, metabolic and imaging-based assays. Spontaneous activity in multi-electrode array (MEA) assays can be detected as early as day 4, presenting firing patterns that evolve into more complex structured patterns of activity in long-term culture.

Product description

Human iPSC-derived Ncyte Cortical Neurons are post mitotic, glutamatergic, cortical layer-committed neurons. They express cortical progenitor marker FOXG1 and cortical layer markers TBR1 and Ctip2 (cortical layers V-VI), together with neuronal marker βIII Tubulin and dendrite marker MAP2. The kit includes cryopreserved human iPSC-derived cortical neurons, optimized medium and protocol.

We use our Ncyte Cortical Neuron Kit in drug discovery research for neurodegenerative diseases. Learn how you can leverage our experience for your project: https://www.ncardia.com/neurodegenerative-diseases/

Product specifications

Catalog number


Kit contents

4M vial Ncyte Cortical Neurons per vial

250 mL Ncyte Neuronal Basal Medium (Cat #: Nc-M-NBM)

2 vials of 1.25 mL Ncyte Neuronal Supplement (Cat #: Nc-MS-NNS)

Key biomarkers

FOXG1, TBR1, Ctip2, ßIII tubulin , MAP2

Assay window

Electrical activity as early as day 4, as demonstrated by neuronal spike activity in MEA assays

Storage recommendations

Ncyte Cortical Neuron cells: liquid nitrogen

Ncyte Neuronal Basal Medium: 2-8°C

Ncyte Neuronal Supplement: -80°C

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