Cardiomyocyte Kit

Familial, idiopathic and drug-induced cardiovascular diseases are leading causes of mortality worldwide. Therefore, it is of great importance to increase our understanding of underlying pathophysiology mechanisms in order to develop effective treatments. hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes can be utilized for safety and efficacy drug screening, providing novel possibilities for pre-clinical assessment of compound effects.

Pluricyte Cardiomyocytes are fully functional hiPSC-derived ventricular-like cardiomyocytes obtained through a 2D differentiation system without any genetic purification/selection procedures. The cells cultured in a serum free, well-defined maturation-promoting medium. They offer a valuable cell model for cardiotoxicity testing, drug screening and target validation, as well as for metabolism studies and electrophysiology applications.

Product Description

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Kit contents

1.5M viable, cryopreserved Pluricyte Cardiomyocyte cells

100 mL Pluricyte Cardiomyocyte Medium (Cat. #: PM-2100-100mL)


>70% based on cardiac Troponin T expression. High purity of ventricular cardiomyocytes based on high MLC2v expression and manual patch clamp


High degree of structural sarcomere organization

Assay window

1st contractions appear 24-48 hours post-thaw

Electrically coupled monolayer forms in 3-4 days post thaw

Stable beating monolayers observed 7-8 days post thaw (15-40 BPM)

Electrophysiology-based assays optimal between 8-12 days after plating

Single cell action potential

Low resting membrane potential (~-78 mV)

Fast upstroke velocity and robust action potential amplitude

Monolayer field potential

Well-pronounced and robust de- and repolarization peaks,
enabling easy detection of field potential durations and
facilitating MEA assay analysis for pro-arrhythmia drug liability assessment studies.

Recommended Storage

Cryopreserved cells: liquid nitrogen vapor phase

Pluricyte Cardiomyocyte Medium: -20°C, after opening 4°C

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