Contractility Safety Analysis

Utilize Ncardia's Impedance analysis service to assess pharmacological and toxicological effects of drug candidates on contractility in human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes. Our service offers a non-invasive in vitro assay, allowing you to measure true contractility of human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes with exceptional accuracy under physiological mechanical boundary conditions.

What are your benefits?

The only true force measurement
on the market at medium-throughput

Enabling multiplexed assays
Compatible with a wide range of electrophysiology assays such as MEA or Ca2+-flux

Sensitive and predictive
for cardiac safety pharmacology


Compounds that affect cardiac contractility as an unintended side effect can have serious medical consequences, making early cardiac safety assessment essential. However, most in vitro cardiovascular safety assessments primarily focus on low throughput cardiomyocyte contractility measurements.

Our contractility analysis is the first in vitro assay setup to measure true contractile force of iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes in a system compatible with medium throughput. The system utilizes label-free impedance technology to quantify beating properties of cardiomyocytes.


Service specifications

Cell type

iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes



Service type

Biomechanical analysis


8 wells (on 24 well plate)

Time points

5-15 minutes after compound incubation

Compound concentrations*

0.001 µM – 10 µM (in 5 logarithmic steps) in medium + 0.1 % DMSO


Positive control

Isoprenaline 0.001 µM – 0.1 µM; Verapamil 0.1 µM – 1 µM (in duplicates)

Vehicle control

0.1 % DMSO (in duplicates)


Highest dose - (optional washout)


7 weeks for up to 5 compounds (in quadruplicates)


A study protocol will be agreed before study initiation. Results will be presented in a final study report

* Suggested concentrations, to be agreed with client


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