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Co-culture of Neurons and Astrocytes

Human iPSC-derived neurons and astrocytes

The cells are simultaneously generated from neural precursors following our standardized procedure. This model recapitulates the interplay between excitatory and inhibitory neurons. Their rapid formation of neuronal networks and prolonged viability in culture, make this model ideal for early drug discovery projects.

Our team can generate neurons and astrocytes from the iPSC that best fits your project or work with Ncyte CNS Neuron Kit II.

TH (red), βIII-Tubulin (Green) & DAPI (blue)
  • Physiologically relevant neural networks
  • Fast maturation process
  • Long-term synchronous network activity
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Are you looking to use Ncyte CNS Neurons in your drug discovery projects?

The Ncyte CNS Neuron Kit II has in its composition glutamatergic neurons, identified by the expression of the presynaptic vesicular glutamate transporter vGlut1 and dopaminergic neurons, identified by the expression of the TH marker. It also contains astrocytes that express the astrocyte-specific marker GFAP.

Ncyte CNS are fully functional human cells which form neuronal networks in vitro and enable short and long-term electrophysiological studies. As an example, they show robust spontaneuos activity on multi-electrode array (MEA) systems.


Ncyte CNS Kit is highly suitable for disease modeling of neurodegenerative disease and epilepsy, offering a sensitive response to compounds. Our scientific team has extensive experience on developing and optimizing assays to study electrophysiology or drug-induced neurotoxicity, among other parameters.

Ncyte CNS Kit shows specific response to GABA-A blocker picrotoxin at 3uM, demonstrating the presence of functional GABA-A receptors.