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Ncyte® Smooth Muscle Cells

Human iPSC-derived vascular smooth muscle cells

Alterations in the functionality of vascular smooth muscle cells are associated with the progression of pathological conditions such as inflammation, atherosclerosis or pulmonary hypertension. Ncyte® smooth muscle cells is a reliable in vitro model that can help make confident predictions on vaso-activity responses from test therapeutics. Further, it can be used in efficacy and safety screenings in combination with various Ncardia assays.

You can work with Ncyte® Smooth Muscle Cells or contact our team to develop a custom cell model from the iPSC line that fits your project best.

Smooth muscle marker Calponin (red) and
nuclear staining Hoechst (blue)
  • High reproducibility
  • Functional and physiologically relevant
  • Sensitive compound-induced response

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Product Specifications

Identity markers

>90% Calponin, >40% α-SMA; <10% CD31 at day 7 when cultured as per user guide


>1.5 M viable cells per vial when thawed as per user guide, ≥85% viability at thaw

Quality Control

Cell count, Viability, Identity, Mycoplasma


Cryopreserved cells



Reprogramming method


Shipping conditions

Dry shipper, -180°C to -135°C

Storage conditions

Vapor phase of liquid nitrogen

Technical data

Using a standardized process, Ncardia manufactures Ncyte® Smooth Muscle Cells which are characterized with key identity markers: Calponin and α-smooth-muscle-
actin (α-SMA). For further identity verification, our scientists check the absent of CD31 expression.

Ncyte® Smooth Muscle Cells are the ideal tool to provide relevant predictions on your drug’s effect on vaso-activity. For example, they can be used to functionally assessed calcium transients in response to compound treatment.


Our scientific team can develop a wide range of assays to evaluate the functions of your interest. As an example, the figure shows calcium transient analysis in response to endothelin-1.

FDSS/μCELL Functional Drug Screening assessing endothelin-1 (ET-1) induced Ca2+ flux on Ncyte® Smooth Muscle Cells (cultured according to project needs). The graph shows concentration-dependent response to ET-1.

Ncyte® smooth muscle cells are a sensitive model. When used in vascular safety assays, they can produce accurate dose-dependent responses and help identify and characterize vasoactive compounds.

Our scientific team can develop assays and screenings with high reproducibility to help you make more confident decisions in early drug discovery.

Calcium transients measured in a batch of Ncyte® Smooth Muscle Cells (cultured according to project requirements). These graphs show the expected negative response to non-vasoactive compounds like Amoxicillin and concentration-response to a vasoconstrictor compound (Angiotensin II). AstraZeneca presentation at Eurotox 2018.