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Optimizing early and preclinical drug discovery

Proven processes to drive more efficient, effective pursuit of your therapeutic candidates

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Ncardia advantage

Our work centers on a simple yet powerful premise:
When we combine deep iPSC knowledge, broad assay capabilities and a demonstrated ability to integrate the biology of human diseases into preclinical research, we can help drug developers make critical decisions earlier and with more confidence.

An Integrated Platform

Manufacturing at scale to ensure
high reproducibility

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An Experienced Team

Early identification of the most
promising candidates

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A Successful Track Record

Supporting iPSC innovations for more
than a decade

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An Integrated Platform

With the Ncardia platform, we can assess the efficacy and safety of candidate compounds on human in vitro translational models. We can put our large-scale manufacturing capabilities to work to ensure reproducible high-throughput screenings of large libraries against the same batch of cells from beginning to end. And we can screen any modality – small molecule, RNA therapeutic, monoclonal antibody or gene therapy – using physiologically relevant human iPSC-based phenotypic assays.

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An Experienced Team

Our team features PhD experts in a diverse range of specialities required to make iPSC successful, including disease modeling, large-scale manufacturing, assay development, high-throughput efficacy and safety screening in multiple therapeutic areas. That expertise is put to work to develop custom cell models, assays and screenings to catalyze the advacement of your therapeutics. 



A Successful Track Record

We live iPSC: At Ncardia, we’ve been pursuing and supporting iPSC innovations for more than a decade, collaborating with and/or licensing our iPSC technologies to up-and-coming drug discovery firms, multinational research consortia and large biopharmas. Our integrated drug discovery platforms have been successfully leveraged by clients advancing therapies for cardiovascular and neurological diseases, among other disease areas.

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Insightful science advanced through finely tuned project management

Four clear, simple steps. One great way to take your work forward. The “Ncardia Way” begins with listening intently to your goals and then putting a thoughtful, strategic plan into play that’s based on a proven framework for process excellence.

Step 1

We assemble a cross-functional Ncardia team to work with you to understand your specific needs and set project goals and expectations

Step 2

Your Ncardia team generates a project plan that identifies clear timelines and milestones

Step 3

Through frequent communication with your team, we refine the plan and begin execution, ensuring transparency throughout

Step 4

We provide a final report with clearly explained data analysis, and initiate a summary call to share feedback and put context around results

How iPSCs Are Transforming
Drug Discovery

iPSC technology has become a powerful tool to bring human biology earlier into the drug discovery and development process.


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As more and more drug discovery innovators look to capitalize on the unique value only iPSCs can deliver, they look to Ncardia as the uniquely qualified collaborator to join them on their all-important journeys. We’re ready to help make your next step the very best it can be. So let’s start with a conversation – about your vision, goals and expectations for your drug discovery projects.

Marta, QA Officer
Marta, QA officer NCardia