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Advance your career while advancing innovative treatments

Be a part of Ncardia by bringing your very best to the leading edge of iPSC solutions for drug discovery

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Welcome to a climate built for success

At Ncardia, we achieve our clients’ goals only by giving highly motivated and skilled people a place to thrive. So our culture and our doors are open. Our workplace encourages personal growth and collaboration. We place a high value on creative thinking and proactivity, and emphasize an organizational climate that promotes trust and rewards excellence. That enables us to recruit – and keep – some of the industry’s very best and brightest.


We focus on thoughtful yet efficient problem-solving, to benefit one another and our customers.

Innovative and collaborative-driven

We continually improve every aspect of what we do.  We were good yesterday; today, we’ll be even better.


The industry changes rapidly, so we maintain a highly flexible posture to evolve with it or ahead of it.


Our clients have come to highly value our reliability: Put simply, we say what we do and we do what we say. 

Join us at Ncardia

Our team consists of a highly skilled group of specialists who strive to make real the promise of iPSCs to enable our customers advance their drug discovery pipelines with high confidence and speed. So if the potential to turn “the difficult” into “the doable” fits your idea of a good day’s work, then your next logical career move might just be to join Ncardia.  

Rest assured, your application will be carefully considered during the initial screening. And if you’re selected to continue in the recruitment process, you’ll be contacted by a member of the Ncardia team directly.

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Important notice to search firms and recruitment agencies

Ncardia does not accept unsolicited approaches from recruitment agencies and/or search firms (such as, for instance, the sending of resumes) for any job posted on this or a referring website. All recruitment agencies and search firms are required to contact Ncardia to enquire about a potential recruitment or search agreement with Ncardia. Without a valid signed formal written recruitment or search agreement in place for the position listed, any actions undertaken by the recruitment agency or search firm (including, without being limited thereto, sending unsolicited resumes, CVs, anonymous profiles, candidate details through our web site or to personal e-mail accounts of employees or consultants of Ncardia SA and/or any of its subsidiaries) shall be deemed to have been performed without the consent of Ncardia and Ncardia shall not be liable for any introduction, referral, placement or any other fees arising from such referral by the recruitment agency or search firm, even in the event that a candidate is hired for a position as a result of an unsolicited agency or search firm referral. Even with respect to authorized recruitment agencies and search firms, if the relevant submittal instructions are not complied with, no introduction, placement or referral fees will be paid by Ncardia.