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Proven, relevant iPSC-derived
cell models from Ncardia

Physiologically relevant and fully functional cell models
manufactured to-scale and readily available.

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Translating an in vitro cellular system into a relevant clinical readout requires a fully functional cell model. That’s one of our specialties at Ncardia. With our readily available iPSC-derived models you can conduct your research with consistency and reproducibility.

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Benefits of Ncardia iPSC-Derived Cell Models

Readily available

Fully functional cardiac
or neural cell models

Consistent batches

Robust differentiation processes

Reproducible results

Same batch from
beginning to end

Built for large screening campaigns

Bringing human biology to hit identification, hit to lead or lead optimization stages is possible with Ncardia's iPSC technology and expertise.

Ncardia cell models merge high biological relevance with the necessary simplicity for large automated high-throughput screening campaigns.  


Looking for custom services?

Our proven expertise and capabilities are primed to help you advance your projects through custom-fit solutions. From iPSC line development and differentiation, to disease modeling, assay development and screening.

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Applications of Ncardia cell models

Incorporate relevant cell models
in your drug discovery pipeline

We’re ready to help make your next step the very best it can be. So let’s start with a conversation – about your vision, goals and expectations for your drug discovery projects.

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