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Webinar: iPSCs in gene therapy: Potent Solutions

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By Georgios Kosmidis, PhD

It’s no secret that gene therapy holds enormous potential in the field of medicine – and the promise of such potential has been the catalyst for innovation, exploration and many successes in the development of gene therapies. 

That’s where human iPSCs shine in gene therapy, by providing the foundation for more physiologically relevant disease models that recapitulate the profile of human diseases in vitro and bring higher predictability to the early phases of drug discovery.

This webinar – “iPSCs in gene therapy development: Potent Solutions” – captures expert research from Ncardia Senior Scientist Georgios Kosmidis, PhD., who also shares case study findings that demonstrate the positive contribution of iPSC models during the development of gene therapies.  

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The benefits of iPSCs in gene therapy development
  • The development of an iPSC-based AAV testing platform
  • Using iPSCs to evaluate the optimal transduction conditions for gene delivery
Webinar - Georgios Kosmidis PhD

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