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Development of next generation of high-tech equipment for cell culture applications.

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By Ncardia Stem Cell Experts

Ncardia is participating in a project funded by NXTGEN HIGHTECH, in which Ncardia will focus on the evaluation of protype technologies in production environments.  

Cell culture plays a central role in the development of solutions to health questions of the future. Cell therapy, for example, in which cells are used as medicine, is a new one form of therapy for which high-quality cells must be cultured. But the controlled and reproducible culturing of cells is also important in other areas of application. Examples include cell-based diagnostic assays (Lab-on-Chip), mini-tissues for drug screening (such as Organ-on-a-chip), as well as vaccine and viral vector production.

The goal of this project is therefore the development of a next generation of high-tech equipment for cell culture applications. Using innovative sensor technology and integration via microfluidics, far-reaching control over the cell culture process is achieved. This will lead to high-quality cell and cell-derived products.

The project consortium consists of technology developers, system integrators, and end-users in the field of cell-based therapies. Demonstrator systems (D1 and D2) are developed for two key application areas; a HEK293 culture system (D1) for virotherapy applications and lentiviral production for immuno-oncological therapies, and a bioreactor (D2)for the large-scale culture and differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells (hIPSC).

Within the context of the NXTGEN program, Ncardia will be focusing on the evaluating of the prototype technologies in production environments (e.g. GMP-like) to assess their capability to consistently produce high-quality cell products for D2.

This project is made possible by a contribution from the National Growth Fund program NXTGEN HIGHTECH.