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Whitepaper: Controlled, large-scale manufacturing of iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes

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By Arie Reijerkerk, PhD

Effective drug discovery and development relies in large part on the availability of predictive preclinical model systems. Application of human cellular models from tissues which are difficult to access, such as cardiomyocytes and neurons, is still challenging. Technologies based on human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) hold great promise to overcome this challenge. Their routine use in industrial drug research requires a constant supply of stem cell-derived cells of consistent high quality. Researchers from Ncardia developed a bioprocess for the large-scale manufacturing of cardiomyocytes derived from a variety of healthy and diseased iPSC lines.

Integrated Drug Discovery platform

Using Ncardia's recognized expertise in stem cell-based drug discovery experience, we enable you to bring predictive and translational human disease biology early into your drug discovery pipeline with speed and confidence.

Our full service HTS-screening platform is based on human induced pluripotent stem cell technology. Efficacy of compound libraries are assayed and screened on your specific disease model. This comprehensive service is comprised of four integrated modules; disease modeling, manufacturing, assay development and high throughput phenotypic screening.


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