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User guide: Ncyte® Smooth Muscle Cells

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By Ncardia Stem Cell Experts

Ncyte® Smooth Muscle Cells are a reliable in vitro human model that can help make confident predictions on vaso-activity responses from test therapeutics. Further, it can be used in efficacy and safety screenings in combination with various Ncardia assays.

Using a standardized process, Ncardia manufactures Ncyte® Smooth Muscle Cells which are characterized with key identity markers: Calponin and α-smooth-muscle-actin (α-SMA). For further identity verification, our scientists check the absent of CD31 expression.

This protocol covers thawing, seeding and culturing of the Ncyte® Smooth Muscle Cells. Please make sure to read the entire User Guide carefully before you start working with this model.

User guide: Ncyte® Smooth Muscle Cells

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