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Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells

Human iPSC-derived vascular smooth muscle cells

Alterations in the functionality of vascular smooth muscle cells are associated with the progression of pathological conditions such as inflammation, atherosclersosis or pulmonary hypertension. Our team manufactures, at scale, vascular smooth muscle cells derived from the iPSC line that best fits your project. This in vitro model provides reliable predictions on vasoactivity compound-induced responses and can be used for efficacy and safety screenings with several Ncardia assays. 

Smooth muscle marker Calponin (red) and
nuclear staining Hoechst (blue)
  • High reproducibility
  • Functional and physiologically relevant
  • Sensitive compound-induced response
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Are you looking to use human iPSC-derived vascular smooth muscle cells for your drug discovery projects?

Ncardia manufactures vascular smooth muscle cells on-demand with a standardized process to obtain a cell population that is fully characterized by our scientists. As shown in the figure, the differentiated cells express specific markers of adult smooth muscle.

Vascular smooth muscle cells generated on-demand are a physiologically relevant model for drug screening. This in vitro model is fully functional and our scientific team can develop a wide range of assays to evaluate the functions of your interest. As an example, the figure shows calcium transient analysis in response to endothelin-1.

FDSS/µCELL Functional Drug Screening was used to assess endothelin-1 (ET-1) induced Ca2+ flux. Left panel shows concentration-dependent response to ET-1. Right panel is a representative image of Ca2+ response induced by 20 nM ET1.

Vascular smooth muscle cells generated on-demand are a sensitive model amenable for vascular safety assays which can provide accurate dose-dependant responses to detect vasoactive compounds. Our scientific team can develop assays and screenings with high reproducibility to help you make more confident decisions in early drug discovery.

Calcium transients measured in a representative batch of Ncardia Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells showing concentration-response to a vasoconstrictor compound (Angiotensin II). Right panel shows the expected negative response to non-vasoactive compounds like Amoxicillin. AstraZeneca presentation at Eurotox 2018