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User guide: Ncyte® vCardiomyocytes

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By Arie Reijerkerk, PhD

Ncyte® vCardiomyocytes are fully functional human iPSC-derived ventricular-like cardiomyocytes, obtained using Ncardia’s controlled bioreactor technology. Their relatively slow beat rate enables pacing for electrophysiological research. Ncyte® vCardiomyocytes are a clinically relevant in vitro model compatible with an array of functional assays, such us calcium-imaging, contractility force evaluation and metabolism studies.

This protocol covers thawing, seeding and maintenance when using Ncyte® vCardiomyocytes. Please make sure to read the entire User Guide carefully before you start thawing and culturing Ncyte® vCardiomyocytes.

User guide: Ncyte® vCardiomyocytes

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