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Peripheral Neurons

Human iPSC-derived
peripheral neurons

Peripheral neurons are a valuable in vitro model for drug development, providing predictive responses on compounds' efficacy and neurotoxicity. Our team can manufacture peripheral neurons, at scale, from the iPSC line that best fits your project, ensuring high quality and reproducibility to support drug screenings in early and preclinical drug discovery.

Peripherin (green) and neuronal marker MAP2 (red).
  • Expression of key identity markers
  • Relevant electrical function
  • Manufacture at scale
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Are you looking to use human iPSC-derived peripheral neurons for your drug discovery projects?

Peripheral neurons generated on-demand display characteristic neuronal cell morphology in culture and express key markers, such as TFAP2A and Peripherin. This model is enriched in sympathetic neurons as indicated by the expression of PHOX2B and DBH. Further specific characterization for other markers of your interest can be performed as part of our service.

Peripheral neurons generated on-demand are a physiologically relevant model that demonstrates detectible firing activity on multi-electrode array (MEA) with high and comparable activity between batches for consistent screenings.

Comparison of 2 batches of Peripheral Neurons showing similar burst-like activity

Peripheral neurons generated on-demand respond appropriately to external electrical stimulation and provide predictive drug responses. As an example, treatment with Tetrodotoxin (TTX) induced a sensitive response affecting inward and outward sodium channel currents. In addition, our scienstists can study neurite outgrowth with high-content imaging and develop custom assays for efficacy and safety screenings.